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carc 383 green spray paint Larger Quantities US Military CARC Paint 383 Green US Water Dispersible CARC Paint 383 Greeen 34094 . 1 Paint spray booths allow for the painting of a wide range of CARC coating services on various materials. 1 2 socket for perspective 383 green paint with hardener added Painting the doghouse Wet paint reinstalling gasket on doghouse had to drill the LizardSkin out of a few small holes to reinstall the floor mats close up of LizardSkin texture after 3 or 4 coats of paint They produced three topcoats in Tan 686 Green 383 and Black 37030 that together represent nearly 95 of the needs for the military market. Military paint distributor offering next day shipping on 300 colors of Mil DTL 85285D Polyurethane and 60 key CARC and other Mil Spec products. FS 34083 343b2b M113 floors and ramps also interior surfaces such as doors and hatches which become exterior surfaces during operational use. CARC liquid spray paint for military applications pretreatment including chem film chemical conversion per MIL DTL 5541 zinc phosphate per TT C 490 primer epoxy per MIL P 53022 type II top coat per MIL DTL53039 green 383 variety colors are als available . DynaSpec MC 383 Green Moisture Cure 1. They produced three topcoats in Tan 686 Green 383 and Black 37030 that together represent nearly 95 of the needs for the military market. CC M21 MIL DTL 64159B Type II Waterborne Polyurethane CARC Rust Oleum Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover 12 oz. Q Steel panels Previously Painted Surfaces Surface nbsp Founded by C. Hot Krylon Flat Black Spray Paint Plus R For Metal Wood And Plastic Surface. A. Colour Light Stone DEF STAN 80 166 Defence Coating Apr 17 2020 CARC Chemical Agent Resistant Coating is a paint used on military vehicles to make metal surfaces highly resistant to corrosion and penetration of chemical agents. Color Options Pick a color 34079 Camouflage Forest Green nbsp 7 Aug 2009 Just picked up a Deuce with the green brown black CARC paint. More Options Available. When painting with CARC use silicon rubber. Federal Standard. Click the link below for a PDF of the SDS sheet for this product. ncpcoatings. 1 Oct 2007 The chemical agent resistant coatings CARC system currently applied to green CARC paint Fed Color Std 34094 Green or 383 Green derives its The MIL C 46168 was easy to spray due to its lower solids and rarely nbsp 16 Feb 2010 That is a high quality CARC paint that they claim is way way way more My M1010 Canadian Mil ambulace last coat of paint was 383 Green frozen how old it is thicker and the amount and type of reducer used to spray it. Green 383 34094 Desert Tan 686 33446 Black 37030 Brown 383 30051 Aircraft Green 34031 Aircraft Gray 36300 To see what these colors look like you can use the FS color server. 3 CARC paint Chemical agent resistant coatings are based on resin systems such as polyureas and polyurethane type materials. 33446 is the sole color used for operations in Southwest Asia a one color camo scheme. Durable IR resistant but everything sticks to it like a lint rag. FS 34094 Green 383 ist die Hauptkomponente des aktuellen CARC Anstriches Chemical Agent mehr. TABLE 2 3. 50 shipping. TDS. My Dad painted his Chevy Suburban with the real stuff and it defiantly is not scratch resistant. This color showed up in the very early 70 s and is still in use currently. Color. 34094. A single pack air drying finish with IRR properties used for service vehicles and ancillary equipment. Figure 11 shows the different variations of the CARCs used in theater. The consistent and repeatable robotic application of CARC paint overcomes a leading cause of CARC coating failure incorrect CARC paint thickness caused by Cleaners amp Strippers Aviation Eldorado Desothane Paints Clearcoats Primers MIL PRF 23377 MIL PRF 23377J MIL PRF 85285 MIL PRF 22750 MIL PRF 22750F Pacific Western Paints Ltd. A. 9. Double cover technology allows projects to be completed quickly and paint and primer formula provides ultimate hiding power US Water Dispersible CARC Paint 383 Greeen 34094 . The new CARC coatings use blends of incompatible resins formulated with low loadings of highly efficient fillers and pigments that are key to meeting the low gloss requirement. 12 Nov 2017 Learn about the Federal Standard and Military CARC paint colors and options 34094 Green CARC Substitute. approved WD CARC paint touch up system This is not an Certain colors brown 383 30051 and green 383 34094 . I find it looks a little gawdy when it first goes on but after a day or two settle into the right colour. mil is more knowledgeable on this topic and John Escarsega may be a good source of information. This product contains one or more reported carcinogens or Using 2K spray paint is a fast and affordable solution for those want an impressive result without need for an air compressor or the skill needed for the more traditional methods. 50. I 39 m tearing down my 64 to start the engine swap and I want to go ahead and prime and paint the engine bay while I am in there. And best of all all our paint products are formulated to meet Caterpillar engineering specifications for performance and durability. Spray Painting. MIL C 46168D Oct 01 2007 For instance the common green CARC paint Fed Color Std 34094 Green or 383 Green derives its name from the NATO group that met in March of 1983. is known in the industry as a leader in CARC Code 17925 CARC Spray Painting Green 383 FED STD 595 Color Code 34094 nbsp 12 Oct 2011 The original CARC paint has been replaced by a safer and more and equipment see CARC and WD CARC page Try the paint in a spray can before Most always recommend shooting the 383 green first because it is nbsp From primers and chemical agent resistant coatings CARC to topcoats and munitions coatings we offer the full complement of tough military coating solutions. MIL DTL 53039 Salt Spray B117 . Store 423 762 5858 Fax 706 375 6137 Email mattfox gmx. or water based CARC paint system. 1 3Kg ew condition Oct 12 2014 History AM General did offer a 383 CARC GREEN quot look alike color quot they called Military Flat Green Paint Code G5. Im going to be painting my f350 pickup it 39 s a beater truck and have taken the top coat off with some 220grit. UA303. Gloss Sheen Matte. Whereas in a CMYK color space it is composed of 9. I have a gallon and a half of Military CARC in Industrial paint Paint or Paint Related Restricted to professional users Acute toxicity Inhalation Dusts Mists Category 4 Carcinogenicity Category 2 Precautionary Statements Prevention Obtain special instructions before use Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood Use personal protective equipment as Cybershield offers Mil Spec CARC painting services including MIL DTL 64159 MIL PRF 22750 and MIL C 85285 to name a few. Cybershield offers both manual and robotic spray application methods to support prototype and low volume quantities as well as high volume production 12 oz. This color showed up in the very early 70 39 s and is still in use currently. 6 cyan 0 magenta 61. I am giving serious thought to some paint that I have left over from a Military Vehicle restoration a couple years ago. RAPCO makes a better civi paint that lays down really well. impervious not cloth gloves for 31136 on vehicles painted lusterless green 383 or forest green. 5 mils dry . Aug 20 2013 It 39 s spray paint made to match CARC colors not the real thing. 4. 8. MyPerfectColor custom spray paint matched to US Government US Military Spec Camouflage Green 383 enables you to conveniently achieve a professional spray smooth finish in any color in any sheen. Overview of Defense Logistics Agency DLA Packaging Team and highlights of hot procurement and shipping issues as it relates to military packaging. Having spent quite a while comparing paint chips and actual items painted in both colors it was a real tough decision to make. Also there were two different types of the two component paint used Type II and Type IV. Figure 11. Air Gun Power in a Spray Can. HTML Code. Thanks to MILSPRAY for this information. spray paint booth. The only CARC topcoat used at Fort Eustis is MIL C 53039A produced by Hentzen Coatings under the name 383 Green Zenthane. The 34094 CARC Green appears a bit light in online Fed Standard 595 comparison but again that 39 s a tough way to compare colors. Exterior Paint. 5 dft 336 1000 hrs dependent on primer selection Volume Solids 51. 3. Military Spray Paint 34094 Carc 383 substitute Flat Green Mutt Hummer CUCV. This is a very high quality and very correct gallon of 34094 Flat Green paint. As far as I remember true C. 383 Brown CARC Substitute. Home Depot nbsp IRR based on the CARC 383 colour range as well as aircraft green and RAL F9 colours is available. prior to use by using a paint shaker. Finally let me address the question concerning colors 383 Green and 383 Brown. Transportation Equipment and Maintenance Coatings 211 Gum Springs Rd. painted with lusterless CARC green 383 when the. Nov 15 nbsp US Government US Military Spec Camouflage Green 383 precisely matched in spray paint brush in cap bottles paint pens house paint and other sizes for nbsp 15 Jul 2020 Chemical Agent Resistant Coating or CARC is in simple terms a low gloss military This CARC painted CUCV was the author 39 s personal ride while stationed in Kuwait in 2004. Resistant Coating CARC in a touch up system. No spray painting will be conducted in an area where unprotected personnel are When painting with CARC use silicon rubber. Liquid. WU2K 619 interfere with paint adhesion causing humidity spray equipment application and. 5 4. Marvin Hannewyk II Niles Chemical Paint became a corporation in 1948. Would you happen to know where I could obtain information on the whole process. spray 383 Green Carc N1433A Black Diamond 383 Green CARC in table above 1992 1997 19 C6 Camo Just a quick note on my continuing paint We stock most GCI military paint colors used on equipment from WWII to the present. 31 Oct 1990 spray painting operations regardless of the material used. Remarks. most durable CARC coating availa ble 34094 Green 383. A152 C152. This is a CARC substitute since the original paint had very dangerous materials used in production. 5 black. To apply CARC through an HVLP gun you need to lower your fluid pressure so that the 10 psig atomizing air can break up the paint. Powers Paint Shop Inc has provided CARC painting service for over fifteen years. MIL DTL 64159B Type II 2K Waterborne Polyurethane CARC Green 383 34094 Q1653 Not available. Needs some rapcoparts. 0 VOC CARC Camouflage Top Coat MIL DTL 53039 Type IV Polymeric Based Flattening Agent NCP Coatings Inc. carries a complete line of high quality products for all of your areospace automotive fleet and custom refinishing needs. CARC paint does not absorb these substances while alkyd paints absorb these toxic chemical agents and slowly release them. Green 383 34094 Black 37030 Brown 383 30051 Tan 686A 33446 nbsp Cleaners amp Strippers Aviation Eldorado Desothane Paints Clearcoats Primers MIL PRF 23377 PWC 218 Semi Gloss Green AGE 24052 8010 01 434 2096. Desert Tan 686 Color No. With our paint robots CARC paint thickness can be precisely controlled from part to part and lot to lot. 1 Can. Federal Standard 34094 Green 383 Camo manufactured in an Acrylic Enamel matched to nbsp . You can purchase this product at our discounted case price when you buy 12 or more cans. green 383 or alkyd enamel will only be three color. It sticks well to most surfaces including metal plastics powder coatings cabinets and primed or previously painted wood. We are a metal fabricator that currently does work for the Dept. 0084. Substrates include plated plastic as well as aluminum and steel. c. Rust Oleum Stops Rust 12 oz. It 39 s also more slick than CARC and not as grainy. Performance Properties Meets all the performance properties of MIL DTL 64159B Type II. com While perusing the Lifecolor paints at TankRat 39 s eBay store I discovered that Lifecolor makes an exact match for CARC Green 383 FS 34094 . The most common exposure control methods for spray paint operations is the use of spray paint booths or rooms. 383 Green chemical resistant paint. com Rev. When the 383 Green starts to oxidize in the sun it begins to look a great deal like the Field Pea Green in the old pattern. LizardSkin before paint. 07131gwu 07170cmu 383 green fs34094 3usg kit to suit iwata w200 spray gun coates a series marking paint green bs381c 221 1kg Military Spray Paint 34094 Carc 383 Substitute Flat Green Mutt Hummer Cucv. This wash primer has excellent spray characteristics Green 383. 12 Liter. Sierra Spray Painting Ltd. R. MIL DTL 53072C DETAIL SPECIFICATION CHEMICAL AGENT RESISTANT COATING CARC SYSTEM APPLICATION PROCEDURES AND QUALITY CONTROL INSPECTION 06 JUN 2003 SUPERSEDING MIL C 53072B . Need one tons and lockers are a minimum in Orange County with all the high curbs and Lighting in Spray Booths Acrylic Paint Applying Epoxy to Aluminum for Exterior Applications Reflective Glass Beads for Road Marking Paint Use of Silicone Sealer in Spray Booth Construction Fish Eyes Cratering Replacing TT E 527 with CARC Paint Thermoplastic and Thermoset Paint Coatings Selecting a Spray Gun Green 383 Looking for spray paint With outstanding durability and hardness LVP Paints 39 Aerospace Material Specification Standard 12OZ Spray Can will make your furniture or crafts look amazing. 15 . New spray patterns than conventional aerosols and excellent 250 ml and 400 ml Sizes AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings MIL SPEC PRIMERS amp TOPCOATS IN AN AEROSOL PACKAGE MIL DTL 53039 Type VIII CARC Chemical Agent Resistant Coating MIL PRF 85285 Type 1 and Type 4 Topcoat MIL PRF 23377 Type 1 and Type 2 Primer MIL DTL 53022 Type 4 and Type 5 Primer Aug 09 2016 Sherman Williams 383 CARC. . The acceptability of a paint booth or room is based on observing the operation obtaining representative atmospheric sampling and determining the physical parameters. was one of the few countries to adopt these colors. It is not extremely toxic to use it 39 s just like any other paint where you should use PPE. Produktinformationen quot 1K Spray FS nbsp 30 Jun 2008 If you are or become sensitized to CARC paint never use or apply Camouflage patterns may be painted on items coated with Green 383. Green 383 and Tan 686 are the colors the military used most often. 1 Liter ca. Direct skin contact to wet CARC is another avenue of exposure that causes irritation of the skin and mucus membranes and possible absorption of solvents. Our Aerospray system is designed to spray just like a traditional air gun. 19 Copyright Pexa Ltd. As a chemical agent resistant coating CARC applicator you should already know that two exterior topcoats are available both of which are fully supported by the Army MIL DTL 53039 and MIL DTL 64159. Inhalation of airborne droplets containing HDI released during spray paint applications is a well documented hazard. Longview Texas 75602 1721 Office 903 753 0393 Looking for spray paint With outstanding durability and hardness LVP Paints 39 Federal Standard 12OZ Spray Can will make your furniture projects and crafts look amazing. Aug 10 2009 MIL DTL 64159 and MIL DTL 53039 are the water based and solvent based versions of the CARC. Back to top 34094 Green 383 08605GUZ AERO 6 oz Aerosol Q1861. _____ 10215C34094SC MIL DTL 53039 CARC 34094 383 Green 8010 01 633 9119 400 ml spray patterns than conventional aerosols and excellent whether in the paint booth or This is a very high quality and very correct can of 34094 Flat Green spray paint. We were able to spray the most difficult coatings we have MIL C 53039 Tan 686 and Green 383 without solvent reduction. 2019. 5 green and 12. 34094 Substrate Tested Zinc Phosphate Pretreated Steel. 4 8 15 Intended Uses Color Green 383 Fed. Specials Exterior Paint. select type II for general painting or type III when field touch up is required. CARC paint nbsp Central Coating offers Mil Spec and CARC painting services for military equipment. Military Spray Paint 34094 Carc 383 Substitute Flat Green Mutt Hummer Cucv. Current alkyd and lacquer paints must be removed after chemical agent exposure as the paints Created Date 3 11 2015 4 33 20 AM Feb 01 2014 Type III coating camouflage top coatings CARC primary colors required by the ARL are 383 green 686 tan aircraft green black and brown. 10 08 09 Intended Uses Smart Choice CARC AkzoNobel Spray2Fix aerosols provide high output larger spray patterns than conventional aerosols and excellent atomization with constant pressure. This color showed up in the nbsp This is a very high quality and very correct can of 34094 Flat Green spray paint. PWC 219 PWC 383 Camouflage flat Brown 383 30051 8010 01 538 9332. For long term corrosion protection apply 1 2 coats of Zero Rust Black 5 6 mils wet if 1 coat 4 6 mils wet coat if 2 coats as a primer prior to applying the Cammy Top 4 5 mils wet 2 2. COMPOSITION INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS This product contains pigments which may become a dust nuisance when removed by abrasive blasting sanding or grinding. The US Army camouflage 383 green is sometime confused and compared to NATO Green but it is not a match. 5 VOC Green 383 Moisture Cure CARC Camouflage Top Coat. 7. This document covers the general requirements for application and inspection of the t resistant coating CARC system used on tactical military equipment. LP58 XF67 GREEN 383 34094 VHF 1. com has the 383 green and brown in cans. b. a brush or roller they were not supposed to spray CARC for any reason. I stopped into SW industrial coatings I picked up a gal of carc 383 green and all they had was type III moisture cure. Std. S. Jul 15 2020 If an approved 3 color CARC pattern was not available for the vehicle the Green 383 base color was to be applied. Insure that you use a 3 8 quot air hose from the regulator on the spray booth wall to the handle of the spray gun. 225 Fort St. eff5e7 Military paint distributor offering next day shipping on 300 colors of Mil DTL 85285D Polyurethane and 60 key CARC and other Mil Spec products. 4 yellow and 67. 0 max 60 3. This is very common on the 2 1 2 and five ton trucks as well as the M880 CUCV M151A2 and Hummers. Dry CARC poses no hazards except during welding or sanding. For example the base green color quot Green 383. Satin Moss Green General Purpose Spray Paint delivers twice the coverage compared to other Rust Oleum general purpose paints. I have a paint chip sample set coming from Gillespie to make the final confirmation but my bet is on FS 34094 CARC equivalent at this point. 34094 Green 383 Single Component Polyurethane CARC MIL DTL 53039B Type I 1gal MLN8045 Q 1774 34094 Green 383 China 2k paint China spray paint China food Mar 01 2007 In life and in business it s always nice to know that you have options. 093 . In addition to CARC painting we are also well versed in painting to other Department of Defense Specifications. 17 Apr 2020 Paint fumes present the most potential risk to users especially when CARC is spray painted rather than applied with a brush or roller. Rust Oleum Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover 12 oz. Chemical agent resistant coating CARC services for military. Component A Component B and Reducer must be mixed well with a mechanical mixer. Pexa Ltd. 37030 Black Paint Heat Resistant nbsp 28 Nov 2019 Aliphatic Polyurethane 1. items coated with Green 383 anytime after pattern design development at commanding officer 39 s discretion. These solvents consist of very strong but necessary blend of acetate and ketone type materials. 24052 SEMI GLOSS SPRAY AERSOL SPRAY CAN 24052 30051 Lusterless CARC Brown Stock colors 34031 37030 383 34094 Contact us for SDS for all other standards Please specify Federal Standard 595 color with your request . SHW 85 NA GHS CA Use dry chemical CO water spray fog or foam. Niles MI 49120 Phone 269 683 3377 Fax 269 683 3305 www. 5 VOC CARC Camouflage Top Coat MIL DTL 53039 Type III Polymeric Based Flattening Agent NCP Coatings Inc. This is commonly referred to as 383 CARC green. Q 1832. Army Jeep Parts has Rattle Can Lusterless CARC Brown Substitute Paint available for sale online. New od green flat enamel spray paint ui ea 16oz spray paint can NSN 8010013803292 NIIN 013803292 Procurement Buy Now 5. SDS. 5 blue. Nov 01 2001 Regardless of the type of technology you wish to select you must be aware that a coating is only considered to be a CARC if the formulation has passed sophisticated laboratory testing implemented by a qualified laboratory. This includes masking to print priming top coating and oven curing as well as certification of the processes involved. MILSPRAY MIL DTL 53039D Type IV Single Component CARC Contains Hentzen Coatings VOHAP SILICA FREE ZENTHANE Green 1 07 27 2011 PRODUCT NAME MIL DTL 53039D Type IV HMIS CODES H F R P FED STD 595B C 34031 Green 2 2 1 For the flat green the 383 green CARC replacement paint from Gillespie does nicely. It 39 s UA 303 part of their NATO MERDC paint set here in the US but here is a link to an individual bottle. We would like to know the specifics of doing our own carc painting. Your painters might need to move more slowly but you can achieve a good looking finish. 1 8 Liter. Vehicles painted in CARC were to be marked near the data plate with quot CARC mo yr. Mar 05 2011 All are 383 CARC Green. 00. We painted product on the large parts paint production line for two days with four painters and one day in small parts paint with four painters with no problems. Ultimately the unification project failed and the U. Also CARC can last up to four times longer than alkyd paints. Click the link below for a PDF of the TDS sheet for this product. eff5e7 Nato Green was developed by NATO for NATO. BW Nato Paint 2K Bronzegreen Enemal Alkyd Lusterless similar with 383 Green Kit makes approx. and corrosion protection of the stringent CARC specification. It is rather difficult to spray because of the temperature humidity and time needed to spray. Spray Paint 2 Compare. FYI Never use a color mix code on the lid due to the formulas changing over time. Single can of Spray Paint 7. 5 VOC CARC Green 383 34094 Q1913. 15 Jun 2017 How to paint a military vehicle on a budget. Chemical Agent Resistant CARC Topcoats. were given spray cans of tan paint to use this could not have been CARC since CARC was not available in spray can form at that time. 71. This is a very high quality and very correct can of 34094 Flat Green spray paint. Exterior Surfaces of Towed Artillery and MRLs. MMP034 . impervious not cloth 31136 on vehicles painted lusterless green 383 or forest green. 17d 18h 23m Military Spray Paint 8. The US Army Research Laboratory ARL jescarse arl. Green 383 34094 Black 37030 Brown 383 30051 Tan 686A 33446 Aircraft Green 34031 Aircraft Grey 36300 UK MOD CARC Paint Systems Include DEF STAN 80 153 Defence Coating. 4 red 32. Lusterless Forest Green. Description. I guess the dana 60 in the picture was not a good enough give away or the 60 14 part in my first post. Industrial protective corrosion resistant coating amp painting services e coating electrostatic liquid spray paint powder coating vinylester resin salt resistant rust preventive coating services. Find many different colors of Hentzen MIL DTL 53039 type I IX 383 Green 34094 Hentzen MIL DTL 53039 type I IX 686 Tan 33446 Hentzen MIl DTL 53022 type II Epoxy Primer Mil Spec Coatings amp Supplies carries a complete line of all Hentzen Military Coatings. Spray cans are great for touch up or small area coating work. 5 max 85 Salt Spray B117 Q Steel panels prepared at a combined primer top coat system of 3. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION See top of page 2. Men schlie en. Truck Bed Spray Paint Coating Liner Black Flat Matte Rust oleum 32 oz 2 Pound. C. In a RGB color space hex 4b5320 also known as Army green is composed of 29. Here is the M1 Abrams NATO Tri Color camouflage color profile and paint guide Green 383 NATO Green FS 34094. Inhaling CARC during the painting and drying process can be harmful. Because of its high solvency a relatively small amount of thinner is needed to reduce paint to a spray consistency Our paint products are available in bulk and aerosol containers. The shotgun 39 s paint has a few wear spots on the bolt and on the slide release but we expected this. The color 686 Tan was presented to a NATO group that met in June of 1986. quot It was spelled out that any new systems in procurement as of the May 1983 message would be procured with CARC in the 3 color patterns. Chemical Agent Resistant Coating was prohibited from being sprayed for a variety of reasons in the Commercial HUMMER paint system inside the then new Armour Commercial HUMMER Building. FS 17875. Gillespie Coatings Inc. Oh ya BTW after talking to the Unit Painter here for those of you who find white paint under your 383 CARC it may actually be the Primer Wash that ships with the CARC and not a UN Paint Job. AMSC N A Black 37030 Brown 383 30051 Green 383 34094 Green 808 IRR Foliage Green 504 34160 not spray dry and the dried film shall show no dusting mottling or color separation. Aug 17 2020 These were painted later by the units most with brush on CARC but it seems that some crews in the 84th Eng. Co. DynaSpec MC Green 383 Moisture Cure 1. PEXA HENTZEN 12. can of Spray Paint 7. Protective Enamel Gloss Army Green Spray Paint 6 Pack Model 214087 25 62 Sherwin Williams F93XXG2027 FS 34094 Green MIL PRF 85285E Type I Class H Spec Polyurethane Paint Gallon Can Sherwin Williams F93G2027GA PaintLusterless Green 34094 Sherwin Williams F93G2029 FS 34088 Olive Drab CARC Lusterless Polyurethane Paint Gallon Can 383 Green 34094 MIL DTL 64159 Type II Aerostat Painted Hardware Type VI Aircraft White Exterior 37875 MIL DTL 64159 Type II Interior Surface Type V White Interior 27875 MIL PRF 22750 Avionic Equipment Type I 383 Green 34094 MIL DTL 64159 Type II Exterior Walkway Type I 383 Green 34094 MIL DTL 64159 Type II Interior Walkways Type IV Gray Interior 36300 MIL PRF 22750 Military CARC Painting Q. Description Customer Reviews. 21. Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings CARC are required on all combat combat support and combat service support equipment. 461682 34031 gl. 0 VOC ZENTHANE MIL DTL 53039C TYPE IV 1. Spray 34094 Paint Military Hummer CUCV quot Carc quot Mutt Flat substitute 383 Green Green 383 substitute Spray quot Carc quot Mutt CUCV 34094 Flat Military Paint Hummer. The distinctive features of Spray2Fix provide our Military customers with the ability to perform high quality paint repairs whether in the paint booth or in the field. In addition there are pigments for colour and solvents to aid application. The story is much the same with the 3rd ACR. This color showed up in the nbsp Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings CARC is camoflauge paint used on United States MILSPRAY 39 s aerosol product affords the soldier the ability to achieve a high quality WF34094 8010 01 546 7712 34094 Green 383 12 bottles case. Note that there is a two component and one component version of each paint both of which were used in theater. M. 3 Gallonen Kit makes approx. Aluminum pre treat capabilities. 972 243 7386 US CARC Paint 2K 34031 Aircraft Green approx. I just finished off the last of an original gallon of the flat green paint and the 383 is a good match. 3 2 Humidity 336 1000 hrs dependent on primer selection Green 383 was used during the redeployment painting operation. US Canada 216 566 2917 Mexico SETIQ 01 800 00 214 00 52 55 5559 1588 24 hours 365 days a year SAFETY DATA SHEET Product name Other means of identification Product type Emergency telephone number of the company Section 1 Cybershield offers robotic spray application methods to apply the CARC paint. Gloss 1. of Defense. Gloss White. carc 383 green spray paint